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“Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.”

— Alan Turing

At Six Kin Development, we are building revolutionary new applications that utilize next generation artificial intelligence, known as "Third Wave AI."

We also provide consulting services and customized technical training to help businesses and individuals leverage the power of machine learning, AI, and blockchain technologies.

AI Education

AI in Education

Rapid developments in machine learning, natural language processing, and commonsense reasoning are creating amazing opportunities for AI pedagogy. Our flagship project, Pandai, will utilize next generation advancements in artificial intelligence, resulting in an unprecedented array of humanlike abilities.
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Technical Training

The overwhelming demand for AI, machine learning, and data science professionals has created tremendous opportunities for those seeking to upgrade their skills and advance their careers. We offer customized, classroom based training courses in AI for individuals and enterprises, taught by world class trainers with decades of industry and teaching experience.
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Deep Tech

Deep Tech Consulting

"Deep Tech" generally refers to technologies that are innovative, have a profound impact on the way people do things, and that fundamentally transform industries. At Six Kin Development, we are helping organizations leverage the power of machine learning, AI, blockchain and related technologies to greatly improve their businesses.
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Human X AI

Human X AI

We were very excited to be invited by Connectome to participate in their inaugural community event, Human X AI, hosted by Found8 on 19 February...
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