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Six Kin Development

About Us

Six Kin Development Pte. Ltd. was founded in March, 2017 in Singapore. Our passion is creating next generation artificial intelligence and applying it toward the betterment of humankind. 

Our Vision:

  • Help drive the development and democratization of advanced AI, including "Third Wave AI" and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), for the benefit of everyone.
  • Make quality education available to every child and adult learner on the planet.
  • Support efforts to improve human health & longevity, and to eradicate age-related illness through the application of advanced AI and related technologies.

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Location: 11 Beach Road, #03-01 Crasco Building, Singapore 189675

Leadership Team

Scott Jones

Scott Jones

Managing Director

Scott is a Silicon Valley veteran who began his career writing code and managing software development teams for several early Internet startup companies, including Netscape, where he helped build the legendary Netscape Navigator web browser. Mr. Jones also has more than a decade of experience in education, serving as Senior Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore, and as a researcher at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, working on advanced robotics and AI projects. He has founded three startups and been involved with numerous high tech ventures over the past 25 years.

Ben Goertzel

Dr. Ben Goertzel

Scientific Advisor

We are proud to have as our Scientific Advisor Dr. Ben Goertzel, a renowned thought leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Ben has published numerous books on how to build thinking machines and has been featured in several prominent documentaries. He is Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and the OpenCog Foundation, which aspires to create synthetic intelligence at the human level and beyond. Dr. Goertzel also serves as CEO of the SingularityNET Foundation; and as Vice Chairman of futurist nonprofit Humanity+.

Stephen Sherman

Stephen Sherman

Advisory Engineering Director

Stephen brings nearly three decades of software engineering experience to our team, including 12 years as Senior Director of Development at Oracle, and 6 years as VP of Engineering for Sagent Technology, where he helped lead that company from startup to successful IPO. Mr. Sherman’s architectural vision and expansive technical knowledge, combined with his extensive experience managing diverse, multinational teams, makes him an invaluable resource for guiding Six Kin Development’s engineering roadmap.

Surina Jones

Surina Jones

General Manager

Surina's background in Information Technology, combined with nearly ten years of experience in office management, enables her to bridge the gap between the technological and administrative aspects of managing the company. She oversees the day to day operations of Six Kin Development, and is the glue that holds us all together.